Nepalese Nervous - No Need!

Posted in 15th Aug, 2019

As for post-retirement converts to the joys and challenges of bushwalking, the prospect of ever trekking in Nepal seemed impossibly elusive.

However, persuaded by Ron and Meredith Jackson that age and very moderate fitness was no barrier, three years ago I bit the bullet since when I’ve thoroughly enjoyed two small group walks in Nepal led by Sherpa Ang and his caring team.

Doubtless informed by his three Everest ascents, Sherpa Ang’s constant mantra of ‘slowly, slowly’ enabled all of us to enjoy the wonderful scenery, people and cultures of his country. His team were always there to lend a helping hand carrying daypacks etc if needed.

So, if you’re nervous about trekking in Nepal from a fitness or altitude perspective, there’s really no need – just do it. I’m very glad I did.

Your contribution to Nepal as a developing country will also be appreciated!

Dr Alan Bundy AM