Deakin Uni Nepal Study Tour 2019

Posted in 13th Jan, 2020

With the help of Dr. Beau Beza from Deakin University Melbourne, Australia, a 17 day Nepal Study Tour was completed successfully from 19th October to 5th November 2019. The team included 17 students from different programs at Deakin University and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.

During the visit, the team was welcomed by students and teachers of Junbesi School by offering a “Khada”, a holy white Scarf and performed Nepali culture Dance. During their stay in Junbesi, the students also worked closely with the community and completed the Junbesi School Hostel drinking water project.

We would like to thank Dr. Beau Beza, Deakin University Australia, Melbourne and participants for their support and sharing their knowledge with our community. We are looking forward to welcoming you all again. Likewise, we would also like to thank all the staff of Keep Walking Nepal staff, Teachers, students and locals of Junbesi, for their support and cooperation to make this trip successful.

Thank you all!


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