Sanitary Kits Sewing Project Junbesi

Sanitary Kits Sewing Project Junbesi

Posted in 12th Aug, 2019

Keep Walking would like to thank Jill and Sue from Australia who came to Nepal and visited Junbesi area to train 42 girls including local women to sew sanitary kits. We also like to thank them for empowering these young girls and women by teaching them a new skill AND showing them how to manage their own health and well being in such a positive and natural way.

They were really impressed with the interest of the students and teachers. During the sewing class, all the girls in the Junbesi high school and years 6 and 7 girls have a sanitary kit. They really had a great time while they are in Junbesi Nepal. Thank you once again for introducing and bringing such a great project to our community.


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