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WIN Medical Camp at Junbesi

Posted in 25th Aug, 2019

A Four days’ health Camp from 3rd Oct to 6th Oct 2018 was organized by Kushudebu Public Health Mission Nepal (KPHMN) at Junbesi, health post targeting local population and surrounding villages of Solukhumbu. The camp was supported by WIN, Adelaide, Australia in coordination with Shankarapur hospital and B & B hospital, Kathmandu. The health camp trip was organized by Keep Walking Nepal.

The six members of the medical team with Physician Dr. Ramesh Dhakal; Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Ishwor Pradhan and Dr. Dipendra Pandey; Gynecologist Dr. Rashmi Bastakoti; Ophthalmologist Dr. Sachit Kumar Bhandari and Radiologist Dr. Niraj Aryal. The four of the doctors from Australia, Orthopedic doctors, Dr. Tony, and Dr. Andrew Hunter; Colorectal surgeons, Dr. Yoko, Dr. john and Helen Niven, and all the helping hands volunteers from Australia also contributed their help in the health camp.

RN Pema Shrestha and RN Ranjana Pandey were posted for the entire health services. The doctors provided free medical consultation and medicines were supplied on free throughout the health camp.

The health camp was accompanied with various procedure of a lot of intraarticular steroids for Osteoarthritis, knee Intraregional steroid injection for Tennis elbows and Subacromial impingement of shoulders. Aspiration and steroid injection for ganglions and cast removal of the forearm. Importantly, we taught a lot of patients the exercises they need to do for their knee pain and back pain by our physiotherapist from Australia.

Similarly, during the health camp, mainly Hypertension was diagnosed, Acid peptic disease (acute gastritis, cholelithiasis), Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, few Diabetes mellitus type 2 and mostly dermatological problem scabies dermatitis, etc. were diagnosed.

Likewise, Ocular surface disorders (dry eyes), Refractive Error, Presbyopia, Allergic conjunctivitis, Blepharitis Cataract, glaucoma cases, and infective cases were diagnosed.

At the same time, Antenatal patients, fibroid uterus was diagnosed, vaginitis, abnormal uterine bleeding, irregular cycle, and dysmenorrhea were treated.

Majority of the unmarried middle-aged female have different grades of Fibroid uterus. Gall bladder stone and One older-aged female had liver mass most likely malignant were screened.

Approximately 943 people from surrounding villages and some people travel two days consulted with doctors. They were advice about various treatment and medicine was also supplied accordingly.

The health camp was parallelly held with dental team Dr. John and Helen, Dr. Yoko from Australia and Dr. Jangbu Sherpa. It was benefitted by many school students, locals and monks, and nuns from the monastery.

Health Camp was successfully performed. Mr. Chungba Chhiring Lama, President of general committee member KPHMN would like to thank WIN Adelaide, Australia for their support to run the health camp; Mr. Ang Tshering Sherpa for his valuable advice and continuous support and Local doctors and Nurses team from Shankarapur hospital and B&B hospital of Kathmandu and KPHMN staffs and all the helping hands from volunteers who made this camp successful.

Thank you all!

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