WIN NEPAL Bhadaure Medical Clinic 2023

Over the years, Wilderness in Nepal (WIN), Australia and Keep Walking Nepal have been lending a helping hand to rural and marginalized communities in Nepal though various community projects and medical camps.

For 2023, we’ve planned a 4 day medical camp at Bhadaure, a remote mountainous village in the Annapurna region. The village lacked basic medical facilities and only recently a basic health center setup was setup with support from WIN.

Bhadaure village is a rural community in Kaski (Annapurna Region). Unlike the surrounding areas around Bhadaure which have benefited from Tourism, Agricultural Development, etc, the village is away from the commercial trail and thus economically deprived. The locals don’t have accessible health care as the nearest hospital is an hour away and public transportation is non-existent. Currently a health post of sorts has been put in place with financial aid from WIN and employs a health assistant to treat minor ailments.

As such, the WIN Bhadaure Medical Clinic 2023 will greatly benefit the village and surrounding community.